After leaving the aeration basins, the flow is routed to a splitter box for equal distribution into two 65 ft. diameter secondary clarifiers. Each clarifier is equipped with a scum baffle plate, a v-notch effluent weir, a scum skimmer arm and two rotating rake arms with six sludge suction pipes and squeegees for collecting settled activated sludge.

        The return activated sludge system is equipped with two variable speed horizontal

       centrifugal pumps and a magnetic flowmeter. The recycle rate is varied from fifty

       percent to ninety percent of the total flow during operation.

  The waste activated sludge pumping system consists of two constant speed,   horizontal centrifugal pumps and a magnetic flowmeter. The normal wasting   procedure is two gravity thickener tanks. An optional routing includes wasting to   one of the primary clarifiers.