Continuation of CSOs and how our community maintains them

The CSOs are regulated by federal Clean Water Act.

Operating properly and  sewer system and CSOs regular maintenance programs.

To reduce the need for CSOs during rainstorms and snow melting  using  the collection system  for storage  at a maximum.

During dry weather prohibiting CSOs

Trash control in CSOs

Preventing pollution

Notifying  the public to make sure they have adequate notice of CSOs

Making sure the flow to the treatment plant is at it’s maximum.

Ensure CSO impacts on local waterways are minimized my reviewing and modifying industrial permit requirements.

The EPA also requests the communities to develop a Long-Term Control Plan.


    Stormwater and   Illicit Discharge

    The Stormwater runoff is

     contaminant free. In reality,

     it picks up pollutants such

     as soil, animal waste, salt,

     pesticides, fertilizers, oil

     and grease, and debris

     and transports them to

     the waterways where

     they go into with no

     treatment. This is

     Stormwater pollution.

    The “illicit Discharge”

    An illicit discharge is any

     discharge to a municipal

     storm sewer system that

     is not composed entirely

     of stormwater. Pollutants    

    end up in storm sewer

     systems in a lot of

     different ways, many of

    which are easily preventable.

     In some instances, companies

     and individuals have waste

     pipes tapped into storm

    water pipes. In other

     cases, individuals use

     the storm drain inlets to

    dispose of various types

    of waste. Disposal of any-

    thing other than storm-

    water in storm sewers is

     Illegal. If you notice any of

     these activities, please call

    our plant at (304) 845-4360.





(304) 845-4360,


1). Problems with catch basins, curb box, located along the streets and alleys, that are in need of repair.

2). Illegal Dumping. Someone that is dumping any substance down a catch basin or curb drain along the streets, ditch or stream. Remember “Only rain down the drain”

3). An illicit discharge. Water leaving a Stormwater outlet pipe during dry weather. This may indicate that a building is connected to an incorrect  pipe.

4). Street flooding.

5). General questions on Stormwater or the City of Moundsville Stormwater Program.

“Never dump anything or dispose of grass clippings down a storm drain or drainage ditch. Storm drains and ditches lead to our local streams and the Ohio River”